Slade print fair performance

Slade print fair 1

Collaborative performance at Slade Print Fair trying to create a ritual of eating. Participants were found by force and sometimes violence, trapped in between tables and chairs, then fed by mechanical arms.

It’s to do with combining all our interests together- robots, military disciplines, and some colourful Latin cultural elements. Our plan was to create a ritual of eating. We built several teepees as our “nests”, dressed in Brazilian costumes and fed people colourful food with a robotic arm. The robotic arm broke down in the middle of the performance, and we had to start feeding people with a grabber.

We also made the table and chair which participants had been strangled in between. They were only allowed to move their heads when they “sat” on them.

My role during the performance was the “commander”- I control the feeding device and when the feeding happens. When I’m not doing the feeding, I return to the teepee and start playing the violin, to lure more victims (participants) into practising the ritual with us.