Hirde is a child companion platform centred around a friend imagined and co-created between parents and their children.

Hirde accompanies the child anywhere they go, listening to their worries, supporting them through their lowest moments, accompanying them though nighttime fears, and growing through play and storytelling. Hirde is a bridge between parent and child, helping parents develop a better understanding of their children, and helping children feel secure by assisting them in developing the confidence to face the outside world.



Hirde is not just a toy: it is a proven technology that has endless potential to foster imagination, collaboration and communication through play. With Hirde, we can embrace the creativity between parent and child to learn, create and share new ideas and findings together.


How our system works-

  1. Draw an imaginary friend from scratch; or customise one from our monster library.
    Your child draws an imaginary friend from scratch, or customises one from our monster library.
  2. You take a picture of your child’s drawing and upload to Hirde.
  3. Hirde will make your child’s friend come to life according to their drawing.
  4. Your child’s new best friend will be shipped to you with our free child companion app.


The app provides the child with-

  • Story-building and problem-solving quests; educational content; and physical training games.
  • Asks questions to probe your child to reflect on their day, and then records and tracks the results to examine their wellbeing.
  • The night lamp feature projects the friend onto the wall to accompany your child’s sleep.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 09.43.54.png

The app provides the parent with-

  • The facility to create a bespoke playlist of content according their child’s individual development and daily routine.
  • Access to stories built by their children, and their metrics tracking their wellbeing.


Exhibition at the Royal College of Art